• Electrodiagnostic Medicine
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  • Electrodiagnostic Medicine

    Evaluating Neuromuscular Conditions

  • Outpatient Pain Management

    Nonoperative Pain Management

  • Disability Evaluation

    Designated Doctor Evaluations in Houston

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation • Electrodiagnostic Medicine (EMGs)
Nonoperative Spine and Musculoskeletal Pain Management
Disability & Impairment Evaluations

The Woodlands • Spring • Houston

Agana Rehab Associates is a specialty solo practitioner clinic with an emphasis on restoring patient’s functional recovery from debilitating illnesses or injuries or from acute/subacute pain conditions. With locations in the Woodlands and Willowbrook area, we are easily accessible for the Greater North Houston region.

Nonoperative Spine and Musculoskeletal Treatment

At this location, we provide comprehensive patient evaluations and consultations for acute/subacute pain with a focus on nonoperative spine and musculoskeletal treatment that includes modalities, therapy, injections and judicious use of benign analgesics. The focus is on accurately diagnosing painful conditions and prescribing an appropriate treatment plan with an emphasis on return to function/lifestyle while eliminating/modulating the pain condition.

Electrodiagnostic Studies (EMGs)

We offer in-depth neuromuscular evaluations utilizing Electrodiagnostic Studies (EMGs).

Workman’s Compensation Examinations

In addition, thorough Workmen’s Compensation examinations are performed when requested including Impairment Ratings, Required Medical Examinations (RME) and Designated Doctor. Evaluations (DDE).

Inpatient Rehabilitation Management

At Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital – The Woodlands (formerly HealthSouth) and Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital – The Vintage, quality inpatient rehabilitation management is provided as part of a multidisciplinary team approach to restore function after catastrophic injuries or illnesses or orthopedic surgery.